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Ozone Systems

OTG ozone systems can be utilized in aqueous or gaseous "ozoneon-demand" applications. Stationary Ozone Systems are built to Client requirements for a variety of applications (i.e. sanitation systems; central "ozone on demand" water systems; clean-in-place (CIP) systems, water and wastewater treatment systems; agricultural systems; facility gassing; etc.) and can be built to any size requirement. Stationary systems are usually designed as single application systems, but OTG has the capabilities to design and install multiple application stationary systems (i.e. water and gas capability). Stationary systems are utilized in a large spectrum of sanitation applications (i.e. wineries, breweries, food processors, agriculture, etc.) where mobility is not a requirement. Stationary systems can be manufactured in both Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel materials.

Ozone systems can incorporate state of the art gas strip and destruct systems which eliminates excess ozone gas and provides bubble free ozonated water to the application. In addition, when equipped with a Ozone/Oxygen Gas Option stationary systems can give the Client the option of utilizing either aqueous ozone (ozonated water) or ozone gas for sanitation and mold control.

OTG specializes in custom designed stationary ozone systems for both aqueous and gaseous applications. Our designs encompass application and safety assessment; system design and installation; operational control systems (PLC's); existing process integration; and safety monitoring control systems.

Stationary systems include onsite or media training and certification of your employees. Training includes standard operating procedures and the safe use of ozone in the workplace. Comprehensive service training for maintenance personnel is also available on all stationary systems.