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Sanitation Equipment

Ozone Technologies Group is pleased to offer the full line Ozone products to include; portable ozone carts, CIP systems and custom designed equipment. This equipment is the industry standard with respect to design, efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness. OTG has a product for every sanitation application.

All systems are designed around the “Ozone-On-Demand” concept. “Ozone-On-Demand” is simply the direct delivery of ozonated water from the sanitation equipment to the desired point of use. These systems provide on demand ozonation, degassing and delivery of ozonated water to the point of use at variable flow rates and some have adjustable ozone concentrations.

Although this seems a simple concept, historically ozone systems utilized recirculation tanks to degas and store ozonated water and the water was then taken from the tank to the point of use. This type of system required continually running ozone and recirculation systems, large storage tanks, auxiliary pumps, hard piping installations, constant flow rates and did not lend themselves to mobile point-of-use applications.

OTG sanitation systems:

  • Offer a complete line of Ozone equipment (Mobile and Stationary) and accessories.
  • Exceed all industry and safety standards and are EPA Registered, NSF Registered, and OSHA Compliant.
  • Provide advanced ozone concentration systems for achieving the highest ozone concentrations which it turn reduces sanitation times and cost.
  • Emphasize the highest standards in workplace safety and utilize state of the art ozone gas strip and destruct systems.
  • Have proven reliability and the technology is backed by an excellent warranty.
  • Have been designed with the input of workers worldwide. These designs emphasize small size, mobility, application flexibility, and ease of operation.
  • Are available with numerous options; some of which are only available on our systems. In addition, systems are upgradeable both for ozone output and options.
  • Can be custom designed for ozone output, size, operational (PLC) control and systems integration.

Ozone Technologies Group can offer:

  • Onsite or media training and certification of your employees on standard operating procedures and the safe use of ozone in the workplace. Service training for maintenance personnel is also available.
  • Our Clients fully developed and proven standard operating procedures for many sanitation applications and provide assistance in the development of sanitation standard operating procedures (SOP's).
  • Distributor technical support, parts and service.