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Ozone Sanitation Equipment Selection

This information is designed to aid in understand what should be considered when selecting an ozone system for your sanitation applications. If you are looking at ozone sanitation systems there are several things to consider:

  1. Manufacturer's Presence in the Industry

    Make sure that the manufacture has a presence in the industry. Insure their equipment exceeds all industry and safety standards are EPA Registered, NSF Registered, and OSHA Compliant.

  2. Equipment Safety and Employee Training and Certification

    Safe and effective use of ozone is dependent on employee knowledge and competence. On-site or media training and Certification of your employees on standard operating procedures and the safe use of ozone in the workplace should be available.

  3. Equipment Reliability and Warranties

    Equipment reliability is a key aspect of sanitation. It must be available for every shift that performs plant sanitation. Systems need to be backed by solid, understandable warranties.

  4. Measurable Dissolved Ozone Concentration in the Water – This is very Important

    The concentration of ozone in the process water is critical to successful sanitation. The classic sanitation formula is illustrated below.

    Concentration (ppm) x Time (minutes) = CT Value

    As can be seen in the Ct formula, the higher the concentration of ozone in the water the lower the time required to do the job. Reducing job time has the cost saving and environmental benefits of reducing labor and saving process water.

  5. System Size and Mobility, Application Flexibility, Ease of Operation, and Water Flow Capacity

    Sanitation systems have been designed with the input of sanitation workers worldwide. These designs emphasize small size, mobility, application flexibility, and ease of operation. Water flow capacity is an important consideration in ozone applications (i.e. a container washer may require 8 gpm while a tank washer may require 25 gpm. Our systems allow for a range of flows to allow the client application flexibility using the same system.

  6. Adequate Ozone Output - "Ozone-on-Demand"

    Without adequate amounts of ozone sanitation cannot be accomplished. The concept of “Ozone-on-Demand” is incorporated into our sanitation systems. “Ozone-on- Demand” insures that you always have the ozone necessary to accomplish the sanitation task at hand. These systems can also provide variable water and ozone flow rates.

  7. Upgrade Ability and Available Options

    When sanitation requirements change or operations are expanded can existing equipment be economically modified/upgraded? We make sure that If your requirements change your equipment can be modified.

  8. Technical Support and Service

    Ozone Technologies Group offers distributor technical support, parts and service. Our systems are modular for ease of service and require no specialized tools. Service training for maintenance personnel is available for a fee.