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The Ozone Sanitation Advantage

  • Ozone is the most powerful broad spectrum microbiological control agent available for safe usage
  • Ozone is very inexpensive to produce
  • Ozone kills bacteria 3000 times faster than chlorine
  • Ozone is 51% more powerful on bacterial cell walls than chlorine
  • Ozone REPLACES the use of hot water and steam as a sanitizer
  • Ozone can eliminates all chemical sanitizers
  • Ozone has full FDA-approval for direct-food contact application
  • Ozone is chemical-free; it produces NO toxic by-products
  • Ozone is environment-friendly with its only by product - oxygen
  • Ozone is an extremely effective disinfectant at low concentrations
  • Ozone extends the shelf life of food products
  • Ozone permits recycling of wastewater
  • Ozone is generated on site eliminating the transporting, storing and handling of hazardous materials
  • Ozone reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Ozone is much safer for employees than any conventional chemicals