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Ozone Applications in Wastewater and Municipal Water Treatment

We are working in concert with IMET Corporation, in Cleveland, Ohio for the treatment of both Municipal Wastewater and Water Treatment. Ozone is a natural fit enhancing the capabilities of the IMET System. IMET is focusing its system on small to medium size Municipal Wastewater facilities. Their patented system provides Multi-Media Modular Treatment Systems (MMTS) to meet or exceed the most demanding reduction of BOD, nitrogen sources and total suspended solids (TSS).

In these municipal applications IMET provides selected microbial mixtures that significantly reduce fats, oils, and grease (FOG), BOD, TSS and odor problems.

IMET produces necessary robust diffuser units whose design produces a high volume of micro- bubbles which fosters exceptional aerobic growth.

These systems are a compact modular static system that augments existing municipal wastewater treatment systems to meet discharge requirements. It is economical, easy to install and operate. The modular feature of the IPS enables easy expansion and changes in design if required.

Treatment vs. Source Reduction

Itís important to make the distinction between source reduction and treatment.

  • Source reduction includes technologies and operations that reduce the amount of wastewater generated in the first place.
  • Treatment includes technologies and operations that treat wastewater to reduce levels of contamination, either to facilitate in-plant recycle or to reduce costs of treatment.

Treatment - Wastewater Discharge

A typical wastewater treatment for discharge using ozone is as follows:

Ozone Polishing - Ozone in this final polishing stage is by far the most effective approach to BOD reduction. As mentioned, ozone is 51% more powerful than chlorine and kills bacteria 3100 times faster.

At this point, companies can either confidently discharge the treated wastewater into local publicly owned treatment works (POTW).

However, enforcement of stringent wastewater discharge regulations and escalating sewage surcharges have forced food processors to look for more cost-effective technologies to provide pretreatment or complete treatment of their wastewater. For these reasons, companies are looking towards recycling /reuse solutions.

Water treatment facilities can also use ozone to polish their discharge waters without the use of chemicals and their undesirable side affects.

Treatment - Water Recycling/Reuse

Our application engineering staff will complete a full water quality test to analyze the wastewater makeup and devise a system to treat the system in a cost effective manner. Every water stream is different in make-up and the desired results may be different. Therefore, itís important that your water treatment engineering staff be well versed in wastewater and the available treatment methods at your location.