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Ozone Advantages for Mine Water (AMD) Treatment

  • Ozone Technologies Group (OTG) is focused on ozone as a cost effective replacement to chemicals for industrial users.
  • OTG has just signed an exclusive license agreement with the United States Department of the Interior to utilize their patent. OTG has the authority and urging of the USGS to sub-license this technology to industry.
  • OTG system designs can treat any volume of mine water for the removal of metals without chemicals.
  • Our specialty, with respect to mine water, is the complete oxidization of iron and manganese and the ability to reduce aluminum.
  • OTG, additionally, is pursing the removal of sulfates and selenium from mine drainage without chemicals.
  • Current processes can treat any pH water; but the largest dollar savings comes when oxidizing manganese in acidic waters.
  • Costs are completely dependent on how much iron and manganese are in the water. As an example of how inexpensive it would be to treat iron and manganese with ozone we estimate the operating costs on a per thousand gallons of water basis to be the following:

EXAMPLE - 500 gallons per minute; 20 ppm iron; 10 ppm manganese

Operating costs would be 14 cents per thousand gallons treated. This cost includes all electric needed for pump, ozone generator and oxygen concentrator based on 10 cents per kwh. Note: If the water is acidic; less than 7 pH; an additional charge of 4 cents per thousand gallons would be added to the treatment costs to pay the USGS license fee for the patentís usage.

  • Equipment footprint requirements are very small. Obviously, the larger the volume treated the larger the site footprint. One of our standard systems for treating a 100 gpm flow has a footprint of less than 8 feet by 8 feet. This footprint is not linear with the volume of water; i.e. 10 times the volume would take significantly less than 10 times the space.