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Recovery/Removal of Metallic Elements from Waste Water Using Ozone

Ozone Technologies Group is pleased to announce that it has obtained the marketing license from the United States Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for the removal of metallic elements from waste water using ozone.

Ozone now challenges chemicals as the standard for the recovery/removal of metals from waste water. This license could apply to waste water streams from: Acid Mine Drainage (AMD); Coal Fired Power Plants, Steel Mills, Metals Mining (gold, silver, copper, etc,) and any other industry that produces a waste stream containing metals.

Affordable and Effective Solutions

Waste water treatment with ozone has become more cost effective than chemicals for a wide range of flows and metals loading. Water (pH) adjustments are not required and sludge volumes are significantly reduced.

The removal of Manganese and Iron is easily accomplished without aeration or pH adjustments. There is no need to use caustic or lime to oxidize the manganese. Ozone alone will accomplish that feat.

We can provide data and calculations for you to investigate potential savings over existing chemical treatments. These are general figures, to determine actual costs/savings your water would have to be tested.

Ozone Technologies Group has portable equipment that can be brought on site to show ozone’s capabilities. Call today for an evaluation of your waste water using ozone instead of chemicals.