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Processed and Ready To Eat (RTE) Foods

Ozone sanitizing systems now replace conventional chemical-based sanitation methods with a simple combination of ozone and cold water.

Now sanitation needn't wait to be performed until the end of production in fact it becomes a significant part of the entire process. Ozone now allows facilities to continuously disinfect their product during production, continuously sanitize contact surfaces and easily sanitize hard surfaces during production downtimes. Ozone can become an integral part of a facilities water recycling program eliminating the need for chemical treatment systems and reduce water usage and sewage costs.

Ozone is used at the start of the process to insure sanitation and product shelf-life enhancement. For meats and sea foods the reduction of unwanted organisms can begin with ozone being sprayed onto the product as it enters the RTE process. Every time an item is cut, sliced or cracked an ozone spray applied to the product will reduce micro organism growth. The ozone application can be fully automated or done with hand wands.

Ozone helps control bacteria growth, reduces cross contamination, and in some cases reduces microberial biofilm buildup. Examples of treated surfaces include: knives, conveyors, saws, cutting tables, deboners and skinners.

The simple action of using ozone during food processing protects against costly recalls, increases product shelf-life and improves bottom line profits. Ozone is “Green”, effective, economical to use and safe for the workers.